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A one-stop Islamic and Halal consultancy firm in Singapore.

Our professional and dedicated Halal consultants are always ready to assist you in your Halal certifications or any other General Halal matters 23 Hrs a day.

We specialize in providing local and international Halal consultancy services for eating establishments, food caterers, product manufacturers to obtain MUIS Halal certifications, both locally and internationally.

HalalHub Consultants Pte Ltd

HalalHub Consultant Pte Ltd is a one-stop Halal Consultancy firm in Singapore. We assist esstblishments in obtaining MUIS Halal certifications and Annual Halal Management and Maintenance Services, Halal Auditings, Internal Halal Trainings and all Halal-related matters.

Our Principal Consultant, Ustaz Azmi Abdul Samad, is a registered and certified PMC Halal Consultant – approved and certified Halal Consultant by the Practicing Management Consultant Certification Board of Singapore.

HalalHub Consultants Pte Ltd was also awarded The Promising 500 SME Award by The Small Medium Business Association of Singapore in 2014.

99.99% Halal Approval Guaranteed*
*If an Establishment seriously and sincerely wish to convert to Halal and willing to serve genuine Halal food & beverages and meets all MUIS’ Halal requirements, HalalHub Consultants Pte Ltd guarantees 99.99% that we will be able to obtain Halal certifications for The Company, insya Allah.
Our successful rate for such genuine cases are 99.99% guaranteed, insya Allah.

These are the various Halal Certificate schemes and the Annual Halal Certification Fees payable to MUIS

Eating Establishments

Restaurant < 186 sq metres: $775 Restaurant  > 186 sq metres: $1140
Hawker < 13 sq metres: $350 Hawker > 13 sq metres: $565
Bakery, Confectionery, Snack Bar: $710
Halal section in supermarket : $710
School Canteen Stall: $60
Short Term Bazaar. Expo Stall: $75
Food Kiosk in Petrol Station: $364
Food Stations in a Restaurant: $560
Stall in Staff Canteen: $710
Food Kiosk at petrol station: $364

Catering / Central Kitchen

< 186 sq metres: $1000 > 186 sq metres: $1220
Pre School Kitchen: $375

Product Category

Factory < 200 sq metres: $750 Factory 200 – 750 sq metres: $800 Factory 750 – 2000 sq metres: $910 Factory > 2000 sq metres: $1210
+ Every SKU product type or brand: $40

Whole Plant Category

Factory < 200 sq metres: $795 Factory 200 – 750 sq metres: $870 Factory 750 – 2000 sq metres: $980 Factory > 2000 sq metres: $1975
+ Every SKU product type or brand: $30

Poultry Abbattoir

License: $250
+ Halal Label Fee: $0.10 per label/Halal bird


Per Halal Certificate Endorsement: $288
+ $0.70 per carton / drum

Storage Facility – Warehouse, dry store, rackings etc: $900

All New Applications need to pay an additional one-off Halal Submission Fee:

Normal Service – $159 – Attended within 14 working days.
Express Service – $340 – Attended within 7 working.

Halal Applicants must also send at least two staff (A senior position + 1 Muslim staff) to attend the mandatory Halal Foundation Programme Training conducted by Muis/Warees: $200 per staff.

All fees payable to MUIS/Warees are subjected to the prevailing GST rates.

The above fees does not include the professional Consultancy services provided by HalalHub Consultants Pte Ltd.

  • Halal Consulting Expertise 97%
  • Halal Reliability 95%
  • Halal Commitments 93%

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