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Halal Consultancy



We provide Halal Consultancy services to applicants who are interested in obtaining MUIS' Halal certifications.

  • New Applications
  • Renewal Application
  • Change Applications
  • Additional of new Menu and or ingredients / Suppliers



Annual Halal Maintenance

Our Company provides annual Halal maintenance for Halal certificate holders to enjoy a Halal peace of mind throughout the Halal certification period. The MUIS Halal certificate holders need not worry on issues like:

  • Updating the MUIS ehalal portal
  • Updating Muslim staff and Halal Team members
  • Updating of new menu and or ingredients and supplier list
  • Obtaining MUIS clearance to introduce new items in menu or ingredient list
  • Review of HalalMQ system
  • Monthly or Quaterly Halal Audit
  • Rectifications of Halal shortcomings
International Halal Consultancy


Importers and or distributors who require internatinal Halal certifications may contact us as we may assist to obtain international halal certifications that are rcognised and accepted by MUIS.


Halal Lectures & Training

We provides Halal Trainings for corporate clients and those who wish to understand Halal anything about Halal. Our Halal Training schedules will be announced once it is available or a company may inform us of its requirements for us to hold a special custom-made package specially designed for a particuar Company based on its requirements.

Qiblah (Mecca) Prayer Directional


Food establishments or Companies who wish to provide Muslim prayer areas to its clients, customers or staff may contact us. Our Consultants will assist you in the formation of a designated areas for your Muslim guest, clients or staff to perform their daily prayers.

Generally Muslim prays 5 times daily. Generally, the prayer timings are as follows (for Singapore) with slight differences based on timings of sunrise and sunset.

Fajar:          5.40am - 6.50am
Zohor:        1.15pm - 4.10pm
Asar:          4.20pm - 6.50pm
Maghrib:   7.10pm - 8.10pm
Isyak:         8.20pm - 5.00am

The directions for Singapore is 293°NW


Syariah Compliance Project



Our Syariah Consultants shall guide product manufacturers to ensure they are syariah compliance



Ritual Cleansing - Sertu


Only items or premise that has came into direct contact with pork need to be ritually cleansed. (sertu). Generally, you should approach MUIS for ritual cleansing services. However, if MUIS are unable to assist (due to shortage of manpower, last minute job, unusual timings etc) We provide alternative ritual cleansing services (sertu). 


MUIS Halal Decals

Only MUIS Halal certificate holders are allowed to purchase MUIS Halal logo or Halal Certificatin decals. Please call us for more information.

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